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Evgueni Chevtchenko


by 乙姫※Permission to upload this was given by the artist


by 乙姫
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist

hipster trash


hipster trash


parents: "let’s talk about your future" 




i really love these boys


we’re all better and gayer people than we used to be 

so I finally got around to watching Gurren Lagann and my reaction to episode 8 was basically, “um. no.”


thinkin about ur favorite characters








Lisa Simpson at Stuff-n-Hug

This really says a LOT

simpsons is so next level

I took my girls shopping for some summer clothes Saturday. T-shirts, jeans, shorts. They both love Marvel and superheroes and transformers and Hogwarts and stuff like that. Not so much pink and pretty stuff. They’ve both grown so much that this was the first time we were shopping in the grown up women’s section. Boring selections when it comes to t-shirts. Flowers and zebras and butterflies.

But what was making it near impossible was that all the t-shirts, the few they kinda-sorta liked, had either low/wide cut necklines or were extremely tailored for nipped in waists with little cap sleeves and short hemlines. Showing way too much skin for their ages as far as we all were concerned. So we headed over to the men’s section. A whole WALL full of properly cut tees with great designs on them!

They ran over and started hunting up things they liked. Two women were stocking shelves. 

"You know these are MEN’S shirts."

"The girl’s section is over there."

"There’s not gonna be any Princesses over here, darlin’."

"These shirts are for the boys."

"This isn’t going to fit you right, honey."

I ignored the first time one of them said anything. Just told the girls what sizes they needed to look for and that they could each pick five shirts. But the women kept interrupting me. I tried to stay polite. “Yes, I know this is the men’s department.” But they kept making comments.

Finally I was getting mad. I told them we didn’t need any help. My girls were allowed to wear whatever they liked and they didn’t like the shirt designs in the women’s section and I didn’t like how low the necklines were.

Instead of just noticing that I was getting fed up with their “help”, they started arguing with me! One of them told my oldest, who is conventionally cute and skinny and starting to fill out (but still only 12), that “Oh that’s just because he’s your daddy. He doesn’t understand that a girl wants to show off for the boys!”

That was the last straw. I’m afraid I totally lost my temper. I told them (amongst a few other choice words) that they’d better walk away and come back to finish restocking the shelves once we’d left the area or I’d get the manager.

I try hard not to be rude to sales people and people in the service industry. That’s a difficult and thankless job. But for fuck’s sake! The first few comments were bad enough, but trying to undermine my moral authority with my kids? All in the name of  gender and sexuality policing. They couldn’t get past the idea that my girls might prefer t-shirts that had “boy” designs on them and that didn’t hyper-sexualize them. The idea was abhorrent to them and they had to interfere and then KEEP interfering.

Once our sales “help” was gone, the girls found a bunch of shirts. Captain America, Minecraft, Doctor Who, Batman, Avengers. All the stuff they’re into. I mean, they also like MLP and Littlest Pet Shop and soft fluffy stuffed animals and Monster High dolls. We hit the toy section too for some of that stuff cos they brought their saved-up allowances with them. 

At least we didn’t get any “help” in the shoe section. They’d’ve had a cow again cos while the youngest found a cute pair of pink and purple sneakers, I ‘let’ the oldest go to the men’s section and find a cool pair of dark blue and grey ones. (and omg their feet are huge! youngest wears a women’s size 9.5 and oldest wars a men’s 8. FFS, I wear a men’s 8.5. Their feet are almost as big as mine! How’d that happen?)

I hate this gender policing shit and won’t put up with it at all. I always feel for kids whose parents enforce this shit. I see it at stores when a girl or boy strays outside the lines, too often the parents are the one who pull them back into their place and it makes me sad.

Like, their friends who are boys, when they’re over at our house, they sit there and play with the girl toys as much as the boy toys. One of the boys loves playing LPS with my youngest, making up stories and stuff. The first time I walked out into the playroom and saw, he got so nervous and tried to say that he was just doing it to be nice to her. I told him that it was fine. He could play with whatever he wanted to and I wouldn’t tell anyone. Word got around to the other boys I guess cos now they all play whatever and don’t stop if I “catch” them.

I get shit from my mom about it too. I’m trying to make them into little boys. I shouldn’t have bought them trucks and toy swords when they were little. The oldest needs to learn to start wearing dresses now not just blue jeans. Why did I ‘let’ her get her hair cut short? I need to put the youngest on a diet and make her wear training bras. Why do I let them play with boys? etc etc etc. 


I just find it so hard to believe that it’s the 21st century and people are still getting their knickers in a twist over this kind of thing.

^^^^ This man deserves a dad of the year award. ^^^^


ambivartence said: hey can u draw some toothless in palette #7 ;)
Why yes I can. C:Somehow in the recent transition from laptop to desktop I forgot I did this thing…


ambivartence said: hey can u draw some toothless in palette #7 ;)

Why yes I can. C:
Somehow in the recent transition from laptop to desktop I forgot I did this thing…

KANKRI: Just y9u and the s9und 9f y9ur knitting eh?
KANKRI: The click 9f needles and the s9und 9f s9litude.
PORRIM: Rude, what do+ yo+u have against my knitting? I enjo+y it and yo+u get to+ wear all my new stuff, it's a fair trade~
KANKRI: Y9u mistake f9rced enj9yment f9r legitimate enj9yment. Wearing 'all y9ur new stuff' d9esn't delight me as much as y9u think it d9es.
PORRIM: O+h no+, I kno+w it do+esn't, no+t in any way.
PORRIM: Yo+u do+n't hide yo+ur distaste and po+uting as much as yo+u think yo+u do+.
KANKRI: And here I th9ught I was 6eing s9 p9lite.
PORRIM: Yo+u do+n't o+utright argue everytime, so+ I'd co+nsider it po+lite. I'm thankful at least, we'd never get anywhere if yo+u did.
KANKRI: See if 9nly I'd kn9wn that sweeps ag9.
KANKRI: I c9uld have maintained a full 6l9wn re6elli9n against knitted g99ds 6y n9w.
KANKRI: I c9uld have run a 6l9ckade.
PORRIM: Precisely why I didn't say anything sweeps ago+.
KANKRI: A picketed pr9test.
KANKRI: My dreams 9f amateur re6elli9n are n9w dashed, dashed cruelly I say.
PORRIM: And my o+wn dreams o+f seeing yo+urs crushed are finally fulfilled. Isn't this nice?

I had to

Martin and Lewis officially (July 25 1946 - ∞)

“It was the same chemistry, and this may sound weird- well, I don’t know how it’s going to sound-that happens when the sperm and egg make contact and can reproduce a magnificent miracle. That’s what we had. I don’t know of any other chemistry that’s as godlike.” - Jerry Lewis

“One has the feeling, that their success as a comedy team mirrors the success of an important personal relationship.” — Sight and Sound critic Daniel Farson 1952

"Manic, edgy, risky, and dangerous, Martin and Lewis broke with the decorous professionalism of showbiz entertainment. Instead of simply running through their routines, they "make live" with one another, igniting a vertiginous process of exchange and reversal that dissolves boundaries and differences. Lewis constantly craves attention, but he needs Martin there to legitimate his actions. The audience needs him, too, as an alibi and pretext for enjoying Lewis’s bewitching excess."

"We’ll only break up when Jerry dies." - Dean Martin

"I’ve said we’ve been together almost a decade. Sometimes as a gag, I say it seems more like 15 years. Actually it’s more like five. And psychologists will tell you…the first 10 years of a marriage are the toughest." - Dean Martin

“Our partnership works because of the way we feel for each other that nobody can duplicate, so there can never be another two-act like this because there’s never going to be two guys who feel this way about each other. There couldn’t be two men who are as close to each other as we are.” - Jerry Lewis